Richard Oosterom

EVP Group Strategy & Business Development
at Colt Technology Services, London

I worked with Stefan several years (2007-2009) together during the time I had the function of Managing Director Germany of Colt. Stefan led the Legal department and was member of the Senior Management Team. Stefan is an excellent lawyer with a strong focus on the relevant business matters (contracting, licensing, regulatory, competition). Particularly, he is strong in project related work and in cross-functional work. He intensively contributed to our internal risk analysis procedure which has been established in order to analyse the risk of big and strategic deals. He also has a strong set of values, which he sticks to. I enjoyed working with Stefan as an expert and a loyal person; he was the "knight" of our German organization.

(Richard Oosterom war Vorgesetzter von Stefan Hermle)

Thomas Wolters

Head of Operations NetCologne, Köln

Stefan was an excellent lawyer, with great business skills and very good management capabilities. He was helpful, a very good colleague and always a reliable partner. It was a pleasure to work with Stefan on important business projects.

(Thomas Wolters war Kollege von Stefan Hermle in der Geschäftsleitung bei colt Technology Services)

Christian Müller

Director, Commercial Strategy (CEE, Nordics & Global) at Colt Technology Services

I worked with Stefan for more than 3 years. Stefan was responsible for the legal department in Colt and we were working together on regular basis. We were mainly working on large scale procurement contracts in the Carrier Relations area. Stefan is a very focused and business oriented person and concentrating his efforts to achieve doable solutions which benefit both parties. Even in very difficult negotiations he remained professional and clearly focused on results.
He has a great commercial acumen and is a very knowledgable and trustworthy person.
I would recommend Stefan for any senior position in the legal environment in midsize and even larger scale organizations.

(Christian Müller war interner Kunde von Stefan Hermle)

Martin Josephs

Legal Director, Corporate and Supply Chain at Colt Technology Services

Stefan was a trusted colleague and fellow Country Legal Director during his time at Colt. Although Stefan managed the legal business for Germany, and I did the same for the Colt UK business, we collaborated on various initiatives and regularly shared know how and information. He was a leading Country Legal Director in championing the interests of the country legal teams. He provided leadership beyond his day-to-day role and was a pleasure to work with.

(Martin Josephs war Kollege von Stefan Hermle)